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Plastic injection moulding

Plastic injection moulding is the process by which thermoplastic polymer material is melted and injected under pressure into the mould cavity. This material is filled and solidified, then the mould is opened and finally, the finished plastic product is removed.

Techniques used in thermoplastics

As a plastic injection moulding company, we are experts in the following processes:

inyección termoplásticos


This is a continuous and repetitive production process for complex parts by introducing a molten polymer under pressure into the hole of a mould. A technique widely used in injectable plastics.



This is a discontinuous process to produce complex parts by introducing a molten polymer under pressure into the hollow of a mould.


Blow moulding

Blow moulding is a manufacturing technique that obtains hollow parts from the expansion of a preform or a tube of hot material in a semi-rigid state by introducing pressurised air.



Through rotational moulding it is possible to make complex parts that present complications either due to their volume or their geometry. It offers more versatile manufacturing and fully recyclable lighter materials.

The main components to select the most suitable manufacturing process are:

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Discover the processes:

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