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Plastic Injection

Versatility made a reality. Plastic injection is one of the best techniques that exist in the world of industrial engineering for the manufacture of parts. Why? There are a few advantages that this method provides since it allows the producer to make objects and pieces of all possible shapes and sizes. Plastic is a highly mouldable material that adapts to the requirements that every company needs.




-Rapid manufacturing

-Scalable design

-High production and low cost

-Possibility of making very complicated geometries

-Plastic products are obtained with very small tolerances

-It is not necessary to carry out a surface finish of the piece

At BSDI plants we work with a high degree of machine automation. Thanks to our industrial injection, we have managed to reduce production costs and speed up work, always providing good results. In addition, we are always focused on having as little impact on the environment as possible, since at BSDI we reuse the thermoplastic waste that is generated after each moulding thanks to the grinding mill. We manage our own waste that we inject without manipulating, and if the piece has been manipulated, we send it to an external company to separate the pieces (glue, insert, welds…) to be able to handle the waste again.

What is plastic injection moulding?

It is a semi-continuous process by which, through a small hole, a PVC polymer or molten resin is injected at a high temperature into a mould that forms the shape that the figure will have. It is always sealed under pressure and in a cold state. Thanks to the condensation, the plastic solidifies, begins to form the first crystalline and adopts the desired shape, which is obtained once the mould has been opened and the finished piece is extracted, following which only the final touches are required.

Few part manufacturing methods are as simple and effective as plastic injection. If we have a mould that we have previously manufactured in agreement with the client, we will be able to put our idea into practice, without fear of failure. To successfully carry out plastic injection, BSDI has a series of methods, detailed below:

-We previously carry out a calculation of resistance, thickness and adaptation

-We design and develop the mould and tools required to manufacture them

-We undertake pre-series

-Storage, assembly and logistics needed.

-Our engineering department develops the product

-We have a preventive maintenance workshop for moulds and tools

For BSDI, the customer comes first. We carry out a feasibility study and verify the needs they have. We advise the client personally from the outset and enable them to save costs with the best possible solutions. It features versatility, speed, manufacturing levels and low costs. Those are our principles. BSDI transform your dreams into reality.

Plastic injection, why is it the best option?

The technology allows different types of injection to guarantee satisfaction with each piece that is built. Plastic injection, for example, allows many companies to create different elements in a versatile, fast and low-cost way, and parts with complicated geometries can be moulded in different shapes and colours.

Another of its advantages is that from the construction point of view, quality parts are obtained with considerable precision, although sometimes these must be refined or polished later, but making the most out of the material.

The plastics industry has grown worldwide in recent years and one example is the large number of toys, automobile components, and even parts for aeroplanes, as well as other uses that can be found within the plastics sector.

Plastic injection is a physical process that has no variation in its chemical composition throughout the process, and is reversible because the piece can be crushed in the event of defects and the process repeated with the same material, aspects that make it an ecological alternative when building parts in large quantities.

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